StamHPC - High Performance computing for the Metal Stamping Industry
StamHPC - High Performance computing for the Metal Stamping Industry

The overall aim of the StamHPC application experiment is to develop, implement and validate the next generation of simulation tools to be run under HPC or HPC Cloud architectures in the production of sheet metal forming parts by implementing, adapting, and parallelizing the current commercial code Stampack to really exploit the intrinsic capabilities of the HPC infrastructures.
The consortium has a well-balanced distribution of partners with an SME specialized in the development and marketing of simulation software for industrial forming processes (QUANTECH ATZ), an institution hosting HPC facilities, supercomputing infrastructures and parallelization expertise (CESGA) and MATRICI S.COOP, a sheet metal forming industry with expertise in developing world class product-process of all kinds of BIW-panels (body in white) in the automotive sector. The Fraunhofer-SCAI institute will contribute with its expertise in the development of licensing and data user system apropiate for HPC and cloud services.

Grant Agreement: 609029
Call: Enabling European Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing sector to benefit from high-Performance digi-tal simulation and modelling " (FORTISSIMO)
Coordinator: Quantech
Participants: CESGA-Fundación Pública Gallega Centro Tecnológico de Supercomputación de Galicia, Matrici Coop., Fraunhofer-Gessellschaft